Hands of Christ Mission Camp Summer 2018

Live Simply so others can simply live. by St. Teresa of Calcutta

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Christ has no body now on Earth but yours, No Hands, No feet on Earth but yours.....  by, St. Teresa of Avila

Live the Gospel always and when necessary use words. by St. Francis of Assisi

What is Hands of Christ Mission Camp all about?

Awesome Service Opportunities

  • Work as volunteers at Service sites close to home and build a year-round lasting relationship with the agencies and the people they serve.

  • The ministry and work throughout each day is targeted for teenagers and their adult team. There is a variety of types of ministry that will be offered to participate in and all ministry will be engaging and challenging. Types of work the teens will experience during the camp are: feeding the poor, assisting the elderly, physical work (painting, gardening, light construction, ect.), Vacation Bible School at low income parishes and more. Santiago Retreat Center’s Hands of Christ Mission Camp will help the awareness and need to assist the poor and to give of ourselves unconditionally as Christ would do. Our Program Director and summer Staff will partner with your group and join you as you walk along this journey of Christian service awareness to ensure your team has the most impactful experience possible.

Mission Camp Evening Programming

  • Even though there will be ministry opportunities through the week in the mornings, this is not a work camp. It is much much more. This camp is for the entire person’s growth. Our program targets the head, the heart and the soul. We know the importance of growing in our spiritual life!

  • Our evening programs include peace and justice understanding and our responsibility as disciples to care for one another.

  • Our evening programming includes workshops, games, food, entertainment, faith sharing and most importantly prayer.

  • Each one of our sessions All activities in the evening will reflect the values of peace, justice, service, and solidarity with those in need.

Santiago Retreat Center Staff, the SRC Summer Staff and Catholic Camp Volunteers (Small Group leaders)

  • We have an amazing staff here at Santiago Retreat Center that works and ministers here daily throughout the whole year. This year we will also have a specially selected group of young people who have the passion and experience needed to help put on this amazing week as well as to help put on all our Summer Camp Programming through June, July and August. We will also have specially selected young people called our Catholic Camp Volunteers to walk with your individual group and to help guide them in their faith sharing. We will also have a Praise and Worship Music Coordinator. Each and everyone of our volunteers and staff are background checked and have gone through the Children’s Safe Environment training and know the guidelines.

One on One Ministry

  • Since the Santiago Retreat Center will take care of everything once you get here, the Youth Ministers get to be participants and can enjoy their One on One Ministry with their youth instead of being worried about programming and meal details. You have a greater chance to really build up the community in your youth ministry and have much more TIME to sit, be with and listen to your youth which every Youth Minister know it is so difficult to find. Get to know your kids! Experience true discipleship through their eyes!


Everything you need

  • You will be receiving a registration packet which will include all the information about the week.

  • After your team has registered, your team leader will receive a preparation packet that will assist you on having everything your group needs prior to the camp. It will have ways to encourage your group, fundraising ideas, pre-camp Youth Nights and all the paperwork needed by each individual participant to ensure all are spiritually prepared.

  • In addition your team will also receive on going programming to help in the continued discipleship care for those less fortunate than ourselves.