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This page is a copy of the original "/camps" page. The original page is going to be chopped up as the camps complete. We need to remove registration links for camps that are completed. This page is a reference for the 2025 season.


Vacation Bible Camp

June 24-28, 2024

Santiago’s Catholic Vacation Bible Camp is specifically designed to celebrate the richness of our One, True, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic faith and to lead kids closer to Christ. Each day is spent traveling through fun and engaging learning stations which reinforce the daily virtue and Bible theme in a hands-on way. Santiago’s VBC offers daily Mass and Eucharistic Adoration, rock solid songs, great games, creative crafts, super snacks, saintly skits and interactive faith lessons with 100% Catholic Truth!


  • Pre-K (Children Ages 3-4 Years Old)

  • Campers (Kindergarten- 6th Grade)

  • Junior High (7th and 8th Grade) will enjoy a customized program which includes servant-leadership training and faith formation geared to their level.
    *Grade Entering in the Fall



"Vacation Bible Camp has become one of the great summer memories for my kids. What a terrific opportunity to share the life of Jesus while having a lot of fun! They now want to come back to Santiago every year."

— Sheryl, Dana Point

IMG_5920 (1).PNG



July 7-12, 2024 SUMMER CAMP


Campers 8-13 yrs

Jr. Counselors 14-17 yrs

Counselors 18+ yrs

QUO VADIS is a week long summer camp for boys (ages 8-13). It is designed to offer a rigorous yet joyful week of journeying toward manhood with and for the glory of God.  QUO VADIS will engage the intellectual, moral, and physical virtues of our boys as they face a variety of challenges.  On their week-long journey, boys will get dirty, pray, make friends, sacrifice, play games, attend Mass, hike, meditate, and learn about whom God is calling them to be.

Quo Vadis



July 14-19, 2024 BLOSSOM SUMMER CAMP


Campers: 8 -13 yrs

Jr. Counselors: 14-17 yrs

Counselors: 18 yrs+

Blossom Camp is a week-long camp for girls ages 8-13 years old. We have plenty of laughs, get a little dirty, hike, swim, face the low ropes challenge, play games, sing campfire songs and make great friends.  But our greatest treasures at Blossom Camp are celebrating the Sacraments, reinforcing the beauty and dignity of every girl with unique formation themes, and getting to see and meet religious sisters from several different orders throughout the week as they lead us each day. This is what makes Blossom Camp a one-of-a-kind experience!


"Anyone who has a daughter should consider sending them to Blossom

Camp, there is nothing else like it to grow your Catholic Faith."

— Mike,  Mission Viejo



July 21-24, 2024


  • Rising 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students

For centuries, people have made pilgrimages in an effort to encounter God. El Camino de Santiago (“the Way of St. James”) is a famous network of pilgrimage routes across Europe leading to the tomb of St. James the Apostle, located in Santiago, Spain.


Here at Santiago Retreat Center, Camp El Camino provides youth with an exciting Christian pilgrimage experience in Orange County. Campers will make friends, have fun, grow in faith and holiness, and encounter Christ along “The Way”!

Living Christian lives in our society is not easy, especially for youth. Camp El Camino offers youth a space to encounter Christ and find fellow Christian pilgrims in our Christian journey toward God.  It is an opportunity for each beloved pilgrim to intentionally begin their pilgrimage – their Camino with Christ and transform their hearts!

Camp ElCamino


July 25-28, 2024

Family Camp is four days of fun, prayer, the sacraments and focusing on the things that matter most. Equip your family to face whatever lies ahead with faithful courage! Programming includes materials, lodging for 3 nights, 9 meals, use of all facilities including pool, low ropes, hiking trails and more!

Family Camp



At Santiago Retreat Center camps we require all campers & adults to adhere to our camp dress code for the sake of comfort, safety, and modesty.


❏ 2 pairs closed toe tennis/walking shoe, this is MANDATORY (shoes may get dirty, wet, muddy, ruined)

❏ Sandals & opened toed shoes are not allowed

❏ Modest clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for hiking and outdoor activities (5 nights, 6 days) 

❏ No tank-tops. Shirts must cover your shoulders & chest. 

❏ No crop tops. Shirts must cover your entire stomach & back. 

❏ No short shorts. Shorts must be mid-thigh length. 

❏ 2 pair of clothes to get dirty, wet, muddy (these might be ruined)

❏ Bathing Suit  *Girls: One piece suits are recommended. T- shirt required if you wear a two piece suit. Swim bottoms must cover the entire bottom - no Cheeky style 

❏ Sweatshirt and/or jacket for evening

❏ Underwear for each day

❏ Socks for each day

❏ Shower Shoes (flip flops)

❏ Sunglasses & hat

Bedding: No bedding provided by SRC

❏ Twin Size sheets

❏ Blanket or sleeping bag

❏ Pillow



❏ Toiletry bag with:

❏ Shampoo, conditioner, & soap

❏ Toothbrush & toothpaste

❏ Deodorant

❏ Brush

❏ Shower towel

❏ Pool/Beach towel

❏ Refillable water bottle

❏ Backpack (small & light weight)

❏ Bug repellant

❏ Sunscreen

❏ Flashlight

❏ Bag for dirty cloths

❏ Bible, rosary, journal, pen

Things Not to Bring:

❏ Cellphone, iPads, Digital Music Player, Kindles, iPods, GoPro, Etc.

❏ Portable Gaming Systems

❏ Expensive Clothing or Jewelry

❏ Food/Candy/Soda

❏ Illegal Drugs

❏ Alcohol, Tobacco Products, Vaping devices

❏ Knives: This includes pocket knives

❏ Firearms, Weapons, Fireworks

❏ Clothing with inappropriate artwork/language (ie:Alcohol,Tobacco or Obscenities)*

*All above items will be confiscated by Camp Counselor/Santiago Staff. Santiago will not be responsible for loss or damage of these items.

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