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Girls Blossom Camp    and/or       Boys Camp 

      July 19-24, 2020                    July 11-17, 2020

Santiago Retreat Center is looking for medical staff to volunteer as Camp Medic for our Blossom Girls Camp, July 18-24.  If you are a female Nurse, PA or Doctor that would like to spend the week in the beautiful Cleveland National Forest located in the foothills of Orange, CA... We got a job for you!!

You will be the medic taking care of a very sweet group of 8-13 year old girls and their counselors.  The week will be filled with caring for boo-boos, bee stings, tummy aches, and administering their daily prescription medication.  You will have the opportunity to experience God working in their lives as you watch them grow closer to Christ through interaction with religious sisters, taking part in the sacraments, and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. 

Food and lodging provided.

Arrival: July 18th, 7:30am

Departure: July 24th, 5pm

Camp Nurse Functions

-The camp Nurse will evaluate and treat campers and staff for minor injuries and illnesses, keep a log of Health Center visits, and identify health problems serious enough to require a physician’s attention or call 911. 

-She will conduct initial health screening of all campers and staff on arrival to camp. 

-The camp nurse will safeguard camper’s prescription medications; administer the medications at the prescribed dosages and hours and keep record of all medications administered.  

-She will also communicate with the Camp Directors about any campers with serious health issues.

Who can apply?

Any Nurse, Physician Assistant, and Doctor.

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