As members of the Catholic Church on earth, we are engaged in a constant struggle of spiritual warfare against Satan, evil, and worldly trappings.  We are members of the Church Militant.

As young men of the Quo Vadis community, we are learning how to be leaders in this warfare to save souls.  We are the Quo Vadis Vanguards.

Quo Vadis Vanguards are young men who are heeding God’s call to be spiritual first responders, learning to lead others into the fray, positioning themselves to be right hand men, bravely going where lesser men fear to tread, paving the way, setting the example, being role models, serving as men for others.

Throughout the year, Quo Vadis formation weekend camps are designed to teach young boys how to be Vanguards of hearts, minds, and souls.  Each month will focus on a theme designed to address the monthly liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church.


September 11-13 "Beginnings"

October 2-4 "Knights"

November 6-8 "Souls"

December 4-6 "Penance"

January 8-10 "Logos"

February 5-7 "Family"

March 5-7 "Fathers"

April 9-11 "Lights"

May 7-9 "Mothers"

Arrival:  5 pm on Friday

Departure:  10:30 am on Sunday

September is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows.  The theme is “Beginnings” – beginning a new school year and beginning as Mary did by saying “Yes” to God.

October is the month of the Holy Rosary.  “Knights” will learn how to defend themselves and their faith, using the best spiritual weapon – the rosary.

November is the month to remember the Souls in Purgatory.  The boys will focus on “Souls” as they call on the aid of St. Michael the Archangel to be our defense.

December honors the feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Since we were not born without sin and it is also the time of Advent, the theme will be “Penance”.  The boys will focus on what it means to repent and make amends.

January is the month of the Holy Name of Jesus.  The theme will be “Logos” and the boys will build upon the reasonableness of their Catholic faith and recognize Jesus as The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

February is dedicated to the Holy Family.  The boys will focus on “Family”, whether at home or within the extended community that is the Mystical Body of Christ.

March honors the fatherhood of St. Joseph, so the theme this month will be “Fathers”.  The boys will focus on what it means to be a Father, have a Father, and love God, the ultimate Father.

April is dedicated to the Holy Spirit.  The theme this month is “Lights”.  The boys will focus on the importance of light, its impact on the dark, and how to shine their light into the world.

May honors the Blessed Virgin Mary, so the theme will naturally be “Mothers”.  What better way to honor a mother on Mother’s Day than to return her son better than she left him?



Camper $175

Sibling $100

Jr. Counselors $100




First, we would like to encourage you to simply move to another SRC camp so you and/or your child(ren) can have the experience of summer camp. However, we understand that things come up and you may need to cancel all together. To do so, please call or email us with this information.



We are accepting applications for both Junior Counselors (ages 14-17), and Camp Counselors (ages 18+) for Santiago Boys' Camp.


JUNIOR COUNSELORS (ages 14-17) pay the camper fee of $150 and take advantage of our servant leadership learning experience.


CAMP COUNSELORS (ages 18+) Are asked to make a suggested donation of $150 to help cover their camp expenses for the week and must fill out an application and upon acceptance will be required to:

  • Be Ministry Safe Certified through Santiago Retreat Center.

  • Be required to undergo a background check and fingerprinting


Camp Counselors and Junior Counselors will be accepted based on their intention to lead others into a closer relationship with Christ. All those in leadership positions will be expected to follow the established dress, radiate the importance of growing in virtue and strive to do so throughout camp. Applicants will be notified as to whether or not they are accepted into the program.


Quo Vadis Summer Camp for boys (ages 8-13) is designed to offer a rigorous yet joyful week of journeying toward manhood with and for the glory of God.  Quo Vadis will engage the intellectual, moral, and physical virtues of our boys as they face a variety of challenges.  On their week-long journey, boys will get dirty, pray, make friends, sacrifice, play games, attend Mass, hike, meditate, and learn about whom God is calling them to be.

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We provide the opportunity for guests attending retreats, conferences and events  as well as employees, volunteers, and benefactors o fulfill their highest calling and greatest happiness in life, which is to get close to God and in turn, reach out to others in their own environments with God’s loving care and concern.

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