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Enrichment Weekends

2023 TBA

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Quo vadis Enrichment weekends

2023 TBA


Family campout enrichment weekends

2023 TBA

blossom weekends
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FIAT girls enrichment weekends are designed to give young girls an adventure to be Fully Alive. Together they will play games, face challenges, sing songs, laugh, hike, pray, and make life-long friends. Campers will explore what it means to live their FIAT, saying Yes! “Be it done to me according to Thy word” through humility, purity, charity, and the openness to obeying God’s plan. Join us and take a step closer to radically embracing the beauty and dignity of every woman through Mary and the Sacraments. Each month will focus on a theme designed to address the monthly liturgical calendar and Saints of the Catholic Church.


Campers: 8 -13 yrs

Jr. Counselors: 14-17 yrs

Counselors: 18 yrs+

quovadis weekends
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Throughout the year, Quo Vadis Formation Weekend Camps are designed to teach young boys how to be Vanguards of hearts, minds, and souls.  Each month will focus on a theme designed to address the monthly liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church.


Quo Vadis Vanguards are young men who are heeding God’s call to be spiritual first responders, learning to lead others into the fray, positioning themselves to be right hand men, bravely going where lesser men fear to tread, paving the way, setting the example, being role models, serving as men for others.


Campers 8-13 yrs

Jr. Counselors 14-17 yrs

Counselors 18+ yrs

catholic family weekend



Join in for some good ol’ fashioned fun, family and fellowship. This family camp out experience is unique as Santiago Retreat Center is close to the city, yet rustic and tucked away into the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains. Families will be treated to optional Catholic programming and Sunday mass. Our Shroud Center exhibit will be available for campers to explore the science of the Shroud of Turin. Our camping site boasts 27 RV sites with 5 pull through full RV hookup locations. There is tent camping, car camping, roof top tent camping, tear drop trailers, vanlife dwellings and of course RVs. Our grounds provide public bathrooms and showers along with picnic tables and a beautiful swimming pool. 


Family Camp-out is a weekend of fun, prayer, the sacraments and focusing on the things that matter most. Equip your family to face whatever lies ahead with faith, courage, and authenticity!

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At Santiago Retreat Center camps we require all campers & adults to adhere to our camp dress code for the sake of comfort, safety, and modesty.


❏ 2 pairs closed toe tennis/walking shoe, this is MANDATORY (shoes may get dirty, wet, muddy, ruined)

❏ Sandals & opened toed shoes are not allowed

❏ Modest clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for hiking and outdoor activities (5 nights, 6 days) 

❏ No tank-tops. Shirts must cover your shoulders & chest. 

❏ No crop tops. Shirts must cover your entire stomach & back. 

❏ No short shorts. Shorts must be mid-thigh length. 

❏ 2 pair of clothes to get dirty, wet, muddy (these might be ruined)

❏ Bathing Suit  *Girls: One piece suits are recommended. T- shirt required if you wear a two piece suit. Swim bottoms must cover the entire bottom - no Cheeky style 

❏ Sweatshirt and/or jacket for evening

❏ Underwear for each day

❏ Socks for each day

❏ Shower Shoes (flip flops)

❏ Sunglasses & hat

Bedding: No bedding provided by SRC

❏ Twin Size sheets

❏ Blanket or sleeping bag

❏ Pillow



❏ Toiletry bag with:

❏ Shampoo, conditioner, & soap

❏ Toothbrush & toothpaste

❏ Deodorant

❏ Brush

❏ Shower towel

❏ Pool/Beach towel

❏ Refillable water bottle

❏ Backpack (small & light weight)

❏ Bug repellant

❏ Sunscreen

❏ Flashlight

❏ Bag for dirty cloths

❏ Bible, rosary, journal, pen

Things Not to Bring:

❏ Cellphone, iPads, Digital Music Player, Kindles, iPods, GoPro, Etc.

❏ Portable Gaming Systems

❏ Expensive Clothing or Jewelry

❏ Food/Candy/Soda

❏ Illegal Drugs

❏ Alcohol, Tobacco Products, Vaping devices

❏ Knives: This includes pocket knives

❏ Firearms, Weapons, Fireworks

❏ Clothing with inappropriate artwork/language (ie:Alcohol,Tobacco or Obscenities)*

*All above items will be confiscated by Camp Counselor/Santiago Staff. Santiago will not be responsible for loss or damage of these items.


If we are advised by state or local public health officials at a future date that we need to cancel our camps due to the safety of our campers and staff, we will fully refund any registration deposits or fees paid.

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