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QUO VADIS summer camp


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JULY 7-12, 2024


QUO VADIS summer camp for boys (ages 8-13) is designed to offer a rigorous yet joyful week of journeying toward manhood with and for the glory of God.  QUO VADIS will engage the intellectual, moral, and physical virtues of our boys as they face a variety of challenges.  On their week-long journey, boys will get dirty, pray, make friends, sacrifice, play games, attend Mass, hike, meditate, and learn about whom God is calling them to be.


Campers 8-13 yrs

Jr. Counselors 14-17 yrs

Counselors 18+ yrs


$425 per Camper

$375 Sibling Camper

*$150 sign up deposit non-refundable

June 17th Registration Closes, Remaining Balance and All Forms Due

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE , to set-up email:


The mission of QUO VADIS is to lead boys into becoming whole and joyful young men through adventurous encounters with the Good, the True, and the Beautiful – bringing our boys into meaningful contact with each other. Your boys will be in a safe environment with like-minded Catholics who will encourage each boy to be his true self.  Ultimately, we know that your son cannot do it alone – he needs worthy friends to help him along his journey at camp, at home, and in his quest for the Kingdom of God.


Spiritual and physical growth are the focuses of the fun, as your boys will be asked to get messy, be creative, struggle to overcome challenges, and push each other to be better versions of themselves.  QUO VADIS acknowledges a boy’s need to use his imagination, designing experiences that will channel his creativity in thought, word, and deed. The mission of QUO VADIS is to honor a boy’s appetite for action, providing a variety of activities and games that will allow him to learn about who he is in relation to his Creator, who he is in relation to others, and whom God is calling him to be.


QUO VADIS also guides boys into our beautiful natural surroundings where he learns to pray, sacrifice, and meditate with the saints.  QUO VADIS encourages a boy’s capacity for supernatural virtue and participation in God’s graces.  We provide him opportunities to experience and participate in the holy liturgy, meditation, reconciliation, adoration, as well as develop the fortitude necessary for a stronger, vibrant, more masculine prayer life.


During a boy’s time at QUO VADIS, he will be challenged along his journey to recognize the commitment that God requires.  God is calling him to be a boy who grows into authentic manhood: a man who can see the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, as well as a man who upholds his pious duty to stand steadfast in his faith. Ultimately, all men are called by God to remain vigilant as both protector and provider in their continual quest for God.


Junior Counselors and Counselors arrive early to camp for training – 2024 Counselor Training starts at 9:00am on Saturday, July 6th. Counselors are required to stay for clean-up and camp wrap-up on Friday, July 12th, until approximately 3pm.


We are accepting applications for both Junior Counselors (ages 14-17), and Camp Counselors (ages 18+) for Santiago Boys' Camp.


JUNIOR COUNSELORS (ages 14-17) pay the fee of $295 and take advantage of our servant leadership learning experience. *$150 sign up deposit non-refundable *Sibling Discount: Receive $30 off for each additional JC registered.  

CAMP COUNSELORS (ages 18+) Submit an application and upon acceptance will be required to:

  • Complete Ministry Safe Certified through Santiago Retreat Center.

  • Undergo a background check and fingerprinting.

  • Are welcome to make a donation of any size to help cover their camp expenses for the week

Camp Counselors and Junior Counselors will be accepted based on their intention to lead others into a closer relationship with Christ. All those in leadership positions will be expected to follow the established dress, radiate the importance of growing in virtue and strive to do so throughout camp. 



When are campers to be dropped off and picked up?


Campers should be dropped off Sunday, July 7th at 3pm. Parent are invited Friday July 12th to join campers for 11am Mass and closing performance. Campers will not be released until 12:30pm. 

What is your chaperone policy at camp?

The boys will be accompanied by at least one adult and one volunteer per group of 10 boys at all times. Adult volunteers are fingerprinted and all volunteers have taken the safe environment training in accordance with the Diocese of Orange.

Where will my son be staying throughout the week of camp?

Boys will be staying in our Camping Cabins which are equipped with bunk beds. We ask that each camper brings a sheet, sleeping bag, and a pillow as we do not provide bedding. To learn more about our camp facilities please see our Amenities page!

Are meals included in the cost of camp?

Yes. All meals are provided from dinner on the first day of camp to lunch on the last day of camp. If your son has any allergies, please let us know in advance so that we can accommodate his needs.

I have a question that I don’t see here, where can I get more information?

Please contact our Camp Office at (714)649-9800  or email at


We would like to encourage you to attend another SRC camp in order to have a summer camp experience. However, if there is an unexpected circumstance and you need to cancel the cancellation policy below.

  • * Cancellations 30 days or more prior to the camp start date will be reimbursed fees paid minus the $100 non-refundable deposit and processing fees

  • * No refunds will be given for cancellations within 30 days of camp start date.

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